Who’s eligible

Team Members and spouses enrolled in the My Health Savings Plan or Choice HRA plan can earn Health Rewards.

How it works

Complete health actions during each plan year to earn rewards deposited into your Health Reimbursement or Health Savings Account.

The Rally Health Survey is the first step to access and earn rewards.

The Health Survey provides you a snapshot of your current health age and recommendations on actions you can take to improve or maintain your health. Complete the Rally Health Survey by December 31.

Instructions on how to start your Rally health and wellness journey can be found here.

If your spouse is enrolled in your UHC health plan, they can earn rewards, too! You’ll get an additional $150 reward deposited to your HRA or HSA* if your spouse also completes Health Actions under their own myuhc.com profile no later than December 31.

You can update your Health Survey throughout the year. You will not receive a second reward in the same year when you update your Health Survey. The Health Survey must be completed each year.