5 Tax-free savings with a Health Savings Account (HSA) from Optum Bank

Did you know you can build up cash for future health care expenses — and take the money with you, even if you leave Bloomin’ Brands? It’s all possible with a Health Savings Account or HSA from Optum Bank. This type of account comes with the My Health Savings Medical Plan.

HSAs offer loads of benefits, including:

  • Your account will get contributions from Bloomin’ Brands when you complete activities under Health Rewards — free money to use for qualified health expenses.
  • You can contribute your own cash tax-free to build up your balance faster. (Some states include contributions in taxable income.)
  • The money in your account grows tax-free.*
  • When you spend the money on qualified health expenses, it’s also tax-free.*
  • You get a convenient debit card to access your funds.
  • Once your balance reaches $2,000, you can choose to invest part of your money — to help create a long-term asset for health care.
  • Since you own your account and all the money in it, you can take it with you if you leave Bloomin’ Brands.

Learn more by calling Optum Bank at 1-866-234-8913 or visiting online.

* May not be free of state income taxes in certain states. See your state’s department of revenue for details.