BetterHelp virtual therapy sessions

Mental well-being affects all of us, whether at home or work. Right now, you and your family can take advantage of confidential virtual therapy, provided by BetterHelp. Whether using in-person sessions or new virtual sessions through BetterHelp, you can receive up to four sessions at no cost. Virtual sessions can be through text message, phone, video, or chat sessions.

More virtual doctor visits

Seeing a doctor has never been easier! With virtual visits through AmWell, Doctor on Demand, or Teledoc, you can now get the care you and your family need. Services include treatment for pink eye, rash, infections, a cough, or for your child’s back-to-school needs. All services are subject to your deductible and apply towards your out-of-pocket maximum.

Expanded Health Rewards

Bloomin’ Brands is expanding our health rewards options! This includes no-cost, annual at-home biometric screening, quarterly Rally Missions, and health quizzes. These new Health Rewards options will give you more ways to earn your Rally Rewards — and have this free money placed either in your HSA or HRA account. See your Annual Enrollment Guide for details on how to earn rewards.

Gender dysphoria benefits

In 2021, Bloomin’ Brands is adding coverage for certain medical and prescription costs associated with the treatment of gender dysphoria. Prior authorization is required, and only in-network services are allowed under the Plan. Services may include psychotherapy, hormone therapy, testing, medication, or surgery. All services are subject to approval by UnitedHealthcare in accordance with the Summary Plan Description.